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Personal Training

This includes 1 on 1 in-person coaching within the SF Bay Area including San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma counties.

In our sessions you will learn how to properly perform your mobilization, stretching and strengthening programs including the use of swiss ball training, free weights, bodyweight exercises and more. We will also dig into sustainable ways to improve your diet maximizing your results.


This virtual service is available via phone, or many videoconferencing options.

Virtual coaching can be done in the comfort of your own home and all you need is some space and a mobile device. Coaching can be on any area of health and wellbeing.  This can include nutrition and lifestyle coaching, fitness and movement (see personal training above), fertility and childbirth preparation, stress reduction, shifting your mindset and lifestyle changes, or even program design.

and Lifestyle Coaching

This virtual service is available via phone, or many videoconferencing options.

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching includes a deep dive and complete analysis of your current eating habits,  suggested incrememental, sustainable changes, and, REALLY, finding what works for you.  You will feel completely supported as you shift your relationship with food to establish a strong foundation for your health.

Pre/Post Natal Coaching

This virtual service is available via phone, or many videoconferencing options.

Virtual coaching specifically for those currently trying to conceive, pregnant or recently postpartum. We will cover everything from how your body is changing, how to prepare for childbirth, how to safely exercise and move; along with nutritional support.

Fertility, Labor Support and Childbirth Prep

This virtual service is available via phone, or many videoconferencing options.

As a trained childbirth doula, childbirth educator and specializing in infant sleep, breastfeeding and fertility we will dig into how to prepare you mentally and physically for both labor anI am a trained childbirth educator and labor doula also specializing in fertility, breastfeeding and infant sleep. I bring all of this education and experience into our sessions. We will dig into how to prepare you mentally and physically for both labor and childbirth, and I will also provide a variety of resources to make sure you have the right support system.d childbirth. I will also offer resources from a vast network of care providers making sure you have the right support system around you.


Tina W.

I was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes early on in my pregnancy. I was so upset when this happened, but the silver lining was that I ended up finding Ashley!

Determined to stay off insulin, I needed to watch my diet and exercise regularly, but I was nervous to hit the gym unsupervised. After just an initial phone consult with Ashley I knew I would be in good hands. She specializes in working with pre-natal women and is so knowledgeable about getting your body ready for birth (and all that comes after!). We met 1-2 times a week and she tailored my workouts as I got closer to my due date. I even had a session a few days before! As a result of starting early and sticking with a program, I felt healthier during my pregnancy then I've felt for years. I can honestly say that working with Ashley not only helped keep my gestational diabetes under control (no insulin!), but it also helped me gain the strength and stamina for a natural birth. I would highly recommend talking to Ashley if you're pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or even trying to shed a few baby pounds (like I'm doing now!)

Brittany R.

Ashley is absolutely incredible. I began training sessions with her early in my pregnancy, and she blew me away from day 1. Not only is she amazingly knowledgeable in ALL things fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy, but she provides truly individualized care and attention to every one of her clients.

Ashley always makes herself available (I mean literally almost 24/7) to answer questions or talk through any concerns. Additionally, she formulated a plan for me for when I couldn't be there to train with her in person (she even texts to check in on how I'm doing!). I can't recommend Ashley highly enough. I love her!!! Honestly, it's the best money I've spent during this pregnancy.

Michele B.

When I was pregnant with my first, I began to look into prenatal exercise to help me stay fit and minimize weight gain. Even though I lived in SF I found there were very few classes that were appropriate for expecting moms besides a few random yoga classes and modified barre/pilates.

I'm also the kind of person who has a hard time sticking with any sort of workout routine, so I started entertaining the idea of a personal trainer to hold me accountable. After my initial meeting with Ashley I was confident that this lady knew her stuff. She knew things that regular trainers don't when it comes to how pregnancy affects a woman's body and also how modifications need to be done to work out safely during different trimesters. I interviewed one trainer who thought it was ok to workout on your back after the 1st trimester, while another pilates instructor wanted me to do this sit up type of exercise. Um hello, that makes diastasis recti worse!

Kelly D.

Ashley is THE BEST.My husband gifted sessions to me with her as a Christmas gift around the half way mark of my pregnancy. I had become scared of working out while pregnant. I was being largely immobile, and unhappy, because I was not getting much needed exercise.

He was concerned for me. He did some research where he found glowing reviews for Ashley, and decided to move forward.Ashley and I met twice a week at Studio Mix before we moved away from SF. These sessions were great for staying in shape, and safe, with the baby. It was also neat having positive contact with another human being who cared about what I was going through, and getting questions answered that I wouldn't have asked anyone else. I'm usually someone who ends up getting uncomfortable with personal trainers, but Ashley is just so awesome that, that did not happen. Actually, I look forward to our sessions! We have also used a couple of her other services, and now we feel really prepared for what is ahead of us! Now that we have moved away, Ashley and I have moved to doing FaceTime sessions, and it is going really well. I am looking forward to continuing our sessions for postpartum recovery, once I am allowed to start working out again. I tell my husband frequently that this was such an amazing Christmas gift, and that I am so glad that he signed me up. Working with Ashley has been SO POSITIVE - I can't stress this sentiment more strongly.  I definitely recommend working with her.

Ashley Raccanello

Ashley Raccanello has almost 20 years experience as a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, specializing in pre/post natal health.

Ashley has worked with a wide variety of women ranging from six months pregnant, currently in IVF treatment to a mom with toddlers at home. Along the way, realizing that this incredible group of women needed a deeper more holistic approach, she pursued education and credentials, including child birth educator, labor doula, pre/post natal master trainer and fertility specialist. What does coaching with Ashley look like? Ashley meets you where you are. She starts off by completing a thorough intake and assessment including a physical assessment (body composition, postural and movement pattern analysis), lifestyle factors (stress, sleep, digestion), nutrition, and any special situations (infertility, pre-natal, injury recovery, and post partum). Building on that information, she develops a highly personalized program that includes strength and cardiovascular training, corrective exercise and mobilization, nutritional planning and other ways to maximize wellbeing. Your program can be implemented on your own or with Ashley’s support. Nutrition, lifestyle, fitness and overall wellness - Ashley wears a lot of “hats” and coaches on all elements of health and wellbeing. She is an irreplaceable resource. Ashley loves helping people, as well as camping and fishing with her husband and fur babies. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a discovery session!

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